How to crack Byju's interview

How to crack Byju's interview

In today's competitive world, it is hard to get a perfect job. We need to struggle a lot for making the job opportunity. But still despite the competition, if you are having good skills and possess appropriate knowledge then there is no shortage of jobs for you. Are you having any plans of giving Byju's interview? If yes, then it is not going to be that easy that's why here we are providing a perfect guide on How to crack Byju's interview.

About Byju's

Byju's has now become one of the top learning applications for all age groups. Whether you are in primary school or college, Byju's has covered all of the topics related to different streams. They are also providing online classes for different competitive exams such as NEET, IAS, JEE, GMAT, CAT, etc. Byju is providing both free and premium service depending on the course and topic that you want to know. There is always a bulk-hiring for different job profiles in Byju's which brings high chances of selection. Most of the hiring are for the sales department and BDS (Business Development Associate).

Byju's Interview Process

As being one of the largest learning organizations there are many profiles on which job seekers can apply. No matter whether you are a fresher or experienced, if you have the skills and talent then you can get your dream package at Byju's. For freshers, there is always great hiring open every year. If you are also going to give Byju's interview then here are the complete details of what to do and what not.

Process of the interview: The entire procedure is conducted in three rounds and for each round, you should be well prepared.

  • Round 1 Group Discussion: In the first round they will analyze your eligibility whether you are suitable for the job or not. In this round, you should focus on your communication. Be fluent in what you are talking about and try to avoid fumbling.
  • Round 2 HR round: The second round will be related to testing your skills. In this round, you need to give a test to show that you are suitable for a particular job. If you are applying for a teacher then you have to show your creativity and methods of teaching.
  • Round 3 Personal interview: The final and last round of personal interviews. In this round, you will get the chance to express yourself what you are and why are you looking to make a career in the chosen field.

Few tips to crack Byju's interview

  1. Try to be creative with your answers.
  2. You need to convince the interviewer for whatever he is asking.
  3. Try to be more expressive.
  4. Give a point to point answer instead of long explanations.
  5. Greet the interviewer when you enter the room.

Some questions previously asked in the Byju's interview

  1. Why are you interested in Byju's?
  2. If a student is not generating interest in any topic then what will you do?
  3. Why should I hire you?
  4. Tell me something about sales and marketing.
  5. How will you sell our app
  6. Tell me your 3 qualities to hire
  7. what is a polygon?

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