How to crack the Pratian Technologies interview?

How to crack the Pratian Technologies interview?

Pratian technology is a privately owned multinational company. It is a new company which is raising its reputation in the market and is dealing with various technology services. If you are going for its interview then here we are providing an article on how to crack the Pratian Technologies interview.

About the Company

Pratian is an information technology company and a great multinational company in Bangalore. The company was founded in the year 2006 and is currently working on different services like enterprise architecture, product development service, UML, Product Line architecture, Business process management, Application rationalization, Microsoft .net and many more. The CEO and chairperson of Pratian Technologies are Subramanian Sivakumar. In the duration of 12 years, they have had fortunes with more than 500 companies and have served them with complete satisfaction.

Process of the interview

There are a total of three rounds in the interview of Pratian Technologies which you have to qualify. Although it is not going to be that difficult to crack the interview you should be well-prepared for it. Let us have a brief about each round of the interview.


The first round will be an online test where you have to secure a minimum of 65% marks in order to sit in the next round. As there is no negative marking in the exam so we suggest you answer as many questions as you can so that you will have high chances to secure good marks.

Second round

The next round can be either GD or Coding. In some terms questions from both of the sections can be asked. The coding round will be done for the languages you choose. There will be an option of choosing your favorite language and you were asked to answer two questions from which at least one question should be correct.

Third round

The final round is going to be with the company HR. It will be your personal interview where your behavior, attitude, leadership skills, and communication skills are tested. If you are good enough in communicating then you can easily clear this round. The first thing on which you need to focus on is your honesty and Confidence.

Some previously asked questions

It is hard to predict what the interviewer is going to ask but one can get an idea about the questions from the list below. We are here providing some questions that have been asked previously in the written and face to face round of Partian technologies interview.

  1. What do you mean by data access modified?
  2. What are design patterns? Define some of them like structural, creational and behavioral patterns.
  3. Can you implement a singleton pattern in .net? If yes, then how?
  4. What do you refer to as aspect-oriented programming?
  5. Tell me about the windows DNA architecture and explain it.
  6. Do you think that C language is case sensitive and why?
  7. Which language is your favorite one and why?
  8. Explain yourself briefly.
  9. Why are you looking to get a job at Pratian Technologies?
  10. What is your dream job?

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