How to crack Zoho interview

How to crack Zoho interview

How to crack Zoho interview

Every software engineer, first of all, tries to go for the Zoho company. As it is one of the largest software development companies so it also offers food job opportunities with a dream package. All freshers and experienced candidates can hike their careers by joining the Zoho company. To get placed you need to know about how to crack the Zoho interview for better understanding.

About Zoho

Zoho is a top leading software development company in India which was established in the year 1996. The founders of Zoho are Sridhar Vembhu, Sreenivas Kanumuru, Tony G. Thomas. The CEO of the company is Sridhar Vembhu. The headquarter of Zoho is situated in Chennai with a total of 8300+ number of working employees in it. The presence of the company is in a total of seven countries. More than 50 million customers are getting benefited by the services of Zoho. The company is owned privately by the founders without any outside funding. If you have plans for giving your interview for the Zoho then be well prepared for it.

How to crack Zoho interview

It is not going to be easy for Cracking an interview of such big companies like Zoho. But with proper dedication, preparation, and skills you can prove yourself better than other applicants in front of recruiters. Your aim should be to get selected and beat all the competition.

Process of the interview:

As similar to any other company Zoho is also having four rounds for the selection of appropriate candidates. We are going to discuss each round in detail.

  • Round 1: Written-test The first round is pen and paper-based where you have to give aptitude tests. This will be going to be 3 hours of tests.
  • Round 2: Coding round The candidates who will pass the first round get forwarded to the second round. It will be your Coding round where programming questions will be asked.
  • Round 3: Technical round In this round selected candidates will be asked for the more advanced programming question. It is also going to be a written test.
  • Round 4: HR Round It is the last round which is going to be with HR, here interviewer will ask some basic information about you to check your communication skills.

Tip: To clear the Zoho interview you should have strong knowledge about programming, Coding, data structures, algorithms, etc. A piece of basic knowledge is enough to crack the first three rounds.

Zoho interview questions

  1. A group of friends goes for dinner and billed for rupees 2400. Two among them forgot to bring their purse so remaining people make an extra 100 rupees contribution to pay the bill. Tell no. of friends.
  2. How to print a message to console without using the main () function?
  3. If A:B = 5:9, B:C = 3:8 then A:B:C =?
  4. What is the difference between database and Data structure?
  5. How can we enable the USB pen drive in the Network of the network administrator to disable the drive?
  6. What are your hobbies and passions?
  7. Print the lucky numbers having 4 and 7 from series 4, 7, 44, 47, 77.

These are some of the questions from both Technical and HR rounds.

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